Pirelli Tires

Pirelli Tires for 1.31.x.

– Replace ELEMENTAL Tires
– Perfect Design
– Compatible with all trucks



11 thoughts on “Pirelli Tires

  1. the ugliest tires i ever have seen!!!! BAD Very Bad

  2. why do you upload something like that?

  3. Terrible! Straight line “Pirelli” label.

  4. trankyl03500

    C’est affreux mieux vaudrait ne pas faire de mod laissez ça à ceux qui savent le faire

  5. Crach_Craite

    It’s so ugly it hurts…

  6. ha ha ha ha

  7. You must repair that…

  8. Repair? Take the Mod from 50k, there are all Tires inside LOL
    May be, the phantom of the Opera will it do… LOL LOL LOL

    I became a Cramp when I saw it this Morning hahaha

  9. Wait, What? These are tyres? Man, Put some hard work in it instead of placing the logos like this…
    The Logos should be arounded around the tyre and not stretched like you done…Poor Pirelli Tyres….

  10. Cum ar spune romanul … ce ţigănie nene … tz tz tz! Very bad work mate. Work harder next time if you want people to appreciate your work. Don’t be like Araya who releases worse maps with each new version of it’s mod. 🙂

  11. Fail!

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