Plug-in emulation tachograph AETR

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Rule ESTR v.1.0 tachograph!
Version 2.0 with support of automatic telephone exchange (time supervision of operation by rules of FMCSA) in development.

Debugging of monitoring of rules ESTR is complete. Bugs when monitoring compensatings are fixed
the reduced weekly rest.

The bug of incorrect display of the current time of rest in case of the beginning of a game is fixed
with a tachograph.

Bugs when saving backup copies when loading earlier saves are fixed.

The “profile name” parameter is added to the ini-file.
It is used during creation of names of backup copies of the ini-file.

Parameter is added to the ini-file
In case of value 1 in case of start of a game the backup copy of the ini-file will be created. It can
to be useful if you erraticly launch the profile which isn’t corresponding to the ini-file.

Possibilities of setup of information line are expanded. For driving and for rest
it is possible to set up to 5 displayed lines.
drive_mask0 – drive_mask4
rest_mask0 – rest_mask4

The clear_minicon parameter is remote as superfluous, scrolling of the miniconsole can be set
by means of drive_mask, rest_mask with value “_”.
drive_mask for which values aren’t set by rest_mask – aren’t displayed.
To set in these gap parameters – use the character “_”


The file needs to be put in the folder
“.Euro Truck Simulator 2binwin_x86plugins ” for the 32-bit version of a game
“.Euro Truck Simulator 2binwin_x64plugins ” for the 64-bit version of a game
if there is no Plugins folder – it needs to be created (near eurotrucks2.exe). If the file is placed correctly –
after start, in a window with profiles the game will show messages that you have connected a plug-in.

In addition existence of the installed package package is required
MS VC ++ Redistributable 2012 (this version) x86/x64 respectively.



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  1. is this working with Mac?

  2. Sebastian

    video ?

  3. Sebastian

    video ? ?

  4. That’s all what I need! Thanks!!!!!

  5. video

  6. install video please

  7. Hi,
    need help,my game is bought from Steam.
    I can’t find Euro Truck Similator 2 exe file or folder.
    What should I do?

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