Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod 2.0

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Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod 2.0
-1.36 Compatibility Update
-New Sky Textures

DamianSVW, Pixelgrapher


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8 thoughts on “Project Next-Gen Graphic Mod 2.0

  1. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.36

  2. why would anyone need this when there is NaturaLux?!? just asking…

    1. because NaturaLux is a pain to download, last time I tried I had to sign up for 2 sites and that’s one too many, plus I see nothing wrong having 2 different mods that go about improving graphics also this one is older so it makes sense it gets updates

  3. Überarbeite bitte mal deine Schnee mod
    Weil naturalux scheiße ist
    Gibt viele andre ich mag die mod

  4. Sinan İpek2020TR

    çünkü bu modlar daha iyi olduğu için bunları seçiyoz kaliteli olduğu için…..?))

  5. Just a sky box and other is stock?

  6. Does it work at 1.38 or are there any updates ?

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