Real company logo v2.5

Changes in v2.5:
– Improved for DLC Vive La France
– Chenges in companies
*) BHB Raffin – Total
*) Batisse – Vinci Construction
*) Fle – Air France Cargo
*) Gomme Monde – Michelin
*) Nucleon – EDF
*) Voitureux – Citoren
– Added new trailer skins, fixed errors.


DOWNLOAD 40 MB [Mirror]

9 Responses to Real company logo v2.5

  1. ramses says:

    its compatible with promods and jazzycat pack?

    • beejay says:

      yes it works with promods map

      • Dragonfly says:

        No it doesnt work with promods. There are some roadways where it crashes because of this mod. i know because it has happened to me with this specific mod. It works overall but you will come across driving some roadways where it crashes the game.

  2. Devil79 says:

    Thank you for your work! But I ask about gas stations for DLC? Is that a problem for you?

  3. Rafał says:

    przy większej odległości znikają koła od naczep

  4. zoso says:

    Ciao Satan19990
    Yesterday I downloaded the mod from your site was found the same problem
    Animated gates companies in v1.3 (Schumi & SCS, CsewS, AlexeyP)
    both together are not compatible, (I mean the DHL logo)
    I have the image inserted the different priorities:
    more my idea of clocks (there are a lot of real companies) is not a request.
    With the mod: Can_opener of Ohaha no problem
    Thanks excuse for English Incorrect ??

  5. Mickaël S. says:

    It’s possible to make it for only the DLC Vive la France, not the full map ?

  6. fererere says:

    Any changes for Gallia Ferries? (Brittany ferries)

  7. Neodammerung says:

    Any update planned for 1.27 ?

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