Real Sound Scania R, G 420 DC12 420 EEV E5 Engine voice records

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Hi all ! My name is Vasily, I present to you my recording studio Engine voice records which is engaged professional recording of truck engines Euro truck simulator 2. In the future will be overwritten all part of the game, many different engines of brands will be recorded.The first sound is the sound of the Scania R 420 DC420 E5. My every addition will have its own its own autonomous sounds. Each next sound additions will be better.Stay tuned and subscribe to a channel.


⠂Professional quality recording
⠂152 audio files Involved
⠂Fully standalone sounds
⠂100% Audio recorded by me
⠂Includes real sounds of switches in the interior, gearbox ,pneumatic system, air dryers,and stock electro-pneumatic signal, tires noises and more..

Vasily EVR Engine voice records


14 thoughts on “Real Sound Scania R, G 420 DC12 420 EEV E5 Engine voice records

  1. good sound

  2. outside is better then inside

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  4. crach on 1.26 ………

    1. Killer of Thieves

      For 1.27.x and up

  5. arthur vince

    Nice mod and sound, great work!! thank you..

  6. can you add some more bass? That’s what every sound mod does not have :/

    1. ScaniaFan

      Its a live unedited recording so adding more bass would make it fake!

  7. Realy like it- thank you!

  8. Great+sound+dude+but+I+got+two+things+four+you+to+look+at.

    1. ScaniaFan

      Yea go over 2000 rpm & it hurts your ears with a high pitch turbo whistle! I’m wondering if the rev limit is set to 2000 rpm when it should be 2500 rpm ( so the sound at 2000 is actually 2500 ) or if it wasn’t revved to the max in the recording so just cuts off to the turbo sound!

      SCS rev the trucks to the limiter to get the full range of rpm but do it in 100 rpm steps, i think they show it in the orange iveco recording session ” see link ”

  9. I didn’t type all those +++

  10. lillebror dk

    hey can you make it for scania rjl for 480 plz

  11. Please+make+a+v8!!!!+Awesome+sound!

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