Realistic Rain v 2.7 By Darkcaptain [1.35 – 1.36]

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Changelog 2.7:

– Minor tweaks for Windshield effects (all versions)
– Added version: Realistic Rain LITE for NaturaLux
– The “Smoke” file is removed, is not necesary in last version of NL

Tested with :

ETS2 1.35 & 1.36
ATS 1.35 & 1.36

Works with any Mods Maps

What’s included this mod?

– Better textures of Raindrops from inside cabin
– Better Rain Spray/Particles of the wheels (Truck and AI Traffic)
– Rain more intense from inside cabin
– Better rain sounds from inside cabin & outside view
– Better windshield effects
– HQ thunders sounds

Different versions to choice:

– Realistic Rain
– Realistic Rain Lite version (Reduced numbers of raindrops)
– Realistic Rain for NaturaLux (use this version if you have NaturaLux Mod) Only ETS2
– Realistic Rain Lite version for NaturaLux (use this version if you have NaturaLux Mod) Only ETS2
– Optional Addon: Increased volume for thunders sounds files

IMPORTANT! : This mod works with Realistic Graphics Mod, Project Next-Gen, NaturaLux, JBX Weather, Sound Fixes Pack… but you need to place REALISTIC RAIN ON TOP!

Also, since 2.4 version works with season mods by Grimes, Autumn, Summer etc… but don’t use with Frosty Winter!

Darkcaptain, Frkn64, Cipinho


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