Realistic Rain v 3.11.1

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– Fixed “darker smoke” when used with ProMods Maps
– Improved rain.mat file

*Compatible with all maps
*Tested with 1.36.x (DX11)

IMPORTANT! : This mod works with other Graphics/Weather Mods: Realistic Graphics Mod, ProjectNG, NaturaLux… but you need place REALISTIC RAIN ON TOP in priority!

Also works with season mods by Grimes (Autumn, Summer etc.) but don’t use with Frosty Winter!

This mod does not use the file “game_data.sii” , but include “int_sound_config” file, so i recommend use “Sound Fixes Pack” for a better experience! (Place Realistic Rain above)

Forum thread for questions & feedback:

SCS, Darkcaptain, Frkn64, Cipinho,


4 thoughts on “Realistic Rain v 3.11.1

  1. Dillinger Johnny

    Thank you very much indeed

  2. when start to rain it never stop, did a 1600km trip and never stopped raining, have to disable the mod then the rain stopped shortly after

  3. Darkcaptain

    Arpadiam: This Mod does NOT control the duration of the rain, ALSO the intensity of it, it must have another Mod that controls this, in the game options it has a SLIDER to configure the probability of the rain.

  4. Thx 😀 nice mod

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