Ristimaa Firebird Next Gen Scania S + Tandem Skin

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**Read PDF Before Install The Mod**

Ristimaa Firebird Next Gen Scania S + Tandem Skin Pack

-Scania S 2016
-8K Resolution

-Scania S 2016 Skin [Rigid Support]
-Ekeri Tandem Trailer Skin
-Ekeri Full Dolly Trailer Skin

-50K Addon [ Rigid Support ]
-50K light Sign
-Driver T-Shirt Skin
-Interior Back Wall Logo
-Paintaed Front Bumper

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8 thoughts on “Ristimaa Firebird Next Gen Scania S + Tandem Skin

  1. TheNuvolari

    Dammit my man, your stuff is impressive.

    1. Harsha Paintjobs

      Thnx Bro

      1. rocker12341234

        hey man any chance this could be made to be compatable with kasts tandem mod for the next gen? cause i love the skin but im using kasts tandems and it doesnt seem to be compatable

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this fantastic work with us 🙂

  3. it’s a stunning job BUT it crashes with the other ristimaa skin so you can’t use them both at the same time wich is pretty sad 🙁

  4. RH Transport

    Well done sir – fantastic job done


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