Roadway Scania T Tandem pack


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I have to give David Anderson Doahklin credit which it was his mod file that I downloaded and did the ROADWAY freight tandem, and colors



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  1. @dr_jaymz says:

    538mb for a skin??

    • Bobbo662 says:

      It’s not just a “skin’ – it also includes the Scania T tandem mod as well! There are 3 files in this package – which was EXCLUDED from the post when SOMEONE grabbed it off my facebook page and post it here without my acknowledgement 🙂 Read the READ ME file, if your slow DSL can download it!

  2. james says:

    I have tried every way to get the roadway trailer but the BLG trailer keeps showing up. Is there a way to isolate the type trailer you are using like profiliners shuts out all other trailers.I had no problem getting the box on the truck. If you are using complainer trailers the tandem do not have that type to use. Good mod by the way

    • Bobbo662 says:

      I had the same issue … this mod that I’m using isn’t from Flemming V, and it’s from someone else, I think his name is David Alexander or something (sorry) so his mod is similar to Flemming V, but I couldn’t even merge the files into 1, kept getting an error message but again, I’m sorry, this is the only one I will be doing because well, it’s a pain. It took me a good 10-15 minutes it seemed, but I’m sure it was shorter to finally get the tandem trailer to use in the video. If you can write me to my email address [email protected] I may have a solution, and I can send you the link. Thank you from the compliment 🙂

      • Bobbo662 says:

        I didn’t think this would be posted on a website, I had it posted on my Facebook page, for my friends, and for my FB Group to download if they wanted it – but it managed to get here. In the description, I would of given the credit to the person who did the Scania T tandem, and explain there was 3 files to install into mod folder (that’s why it’s 538 mg) it has all the tandem trailers in the file you can not pull apart into a single file.

  3. Bonsaier says:

    , The T-LIner tandem is not yours to Malcolm has built 37 mod you thief, not even the credits notedmal die credits beachtet

  4. Ted says:

    I tried a 30ton trailer, I cant steer due to the front wheels go up in the air. and I tried the highest. 21ton.. and at some bumps you cant steer that eaither.. but its driveable. fix? ^^ /cheers

  5. TCab ScaniaFan24 says:

    does this swap the normal TCab

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