Rudis NTM Tandem Skin Addon for NextGen Scanias

20 skins for Kast NTM Box for the new Scanias.

1) APL
2) bama
3) Mobil
4) Cargoline
5) Faerch
6) Fischer
7) FSN
8) Gustafsson
9) HCS
10) Hindelang
11) Koff
12) Komatsu
13) MTAB
14) Panalpina
15) PKS
16) Polarline
17) Rhenus
18) transmar
19) transped
20) DKI

If you want other Truck skins, then you must change them yourself.

You need the main mod which you find here:

Without the main mod this mod will not work!!!

If you have any questions, then you can find me also in the SCS forum:

Kast, Siperia, Rudi


3 thoughts on “Rudis NTM Tandem Skin Addon for NextGen Scanias

  1. little fix for missing paint at the side skirts from the S Modell:

  2. Why cabins are always white?

  3. DKI Driver

    The DKI skin is fake

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