Rudi´s RJL Scania Ekeri NTM Kraker Truck Box Skins

50 skins for the Ekeri Box
38 skins for the NTM Box
19 skins for the Kraker Box

Every skin is standalone.
If you want other Truck skins, then you must change them yourself.

You need the RJL Scania, + Kast Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Tandem addon.
Without my skins will not work!!

You find all here….
RJL Scania:
Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Tandem addon for RJL Scania rs&r4 by Kast:

Loading order:
Rudis Skins for Kast Ekeri-NTM-Kraker Box
Kraker/NTM/Ekeri Tandem addon
RJL Scania

Kast, RJL, Rudi


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