Scania 2016 Koeltrans VB (Package combination)

– According to koeltrans VB New Scania production
-Running on: 1.31X
-You need Trailer_Kogel trailer skin to work
– Trailer address:
-This is free, please do not re-upload the share link! Thank you



5 thoughts on “Scania 2016 Koeltrans VB (Package combination)

  1. arthur vince nl


    1. ysy770724977

      Did not notice the mistake Thank you for reminding! The next time you check to republish the title skin without erro

  2. DeGelderseTrucker

    Someone comes from Angeren or Lingewaard 😀

  3. DanCoreRS

    Hello, you are doing a very good job.
    I wanted to ask you if you can also make a, Mercedes Benz MP4 & Man TGX E6 with a Krone semi-trailer of the forwarding Gustav Mäuler in Remscheid (Germany)? I’ll thank you with a donation.

  4. the right side, pallet box of the trailer. when you choice red, there is a black name on it.

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