Scania Chickliner Combo Set

There is no problem with the side window of the own trailer freezer
Designed for 4X2 high roof
50K light board skin(50k_addons)
Side skirt skin (Sideskirt_Custom_Scania_2016)
Wheel skin(Abasstreppas Wheelpack v3.0 )
Skin priority is higher than the above MOD
Re-doing 4K to make passwords just don’t want to disturb others!
You are free to share it! But can’t lie to thank you!



12 thoughts on “Scania Chickliner Combo Set

  1. ysy770724977

    Parts choose spray paint! Spray paint! Spray paint

  2. Swedish_Legend

    You are NOT the Original Author of this Skin they Skin comes from DavyBerto Customs …. Maybe you have make the Trailer but not the Truck

    1. Even DavyBerto is not the author of these textures
      this is the usual incorrect way to create skins already edited by the original skinners

      1. ysy770724977

        You can download his skin contrast! Does the LOGO design differ? Does this make sense?

        1. Friend my concept is to respect the textures created the first time by a skinner
          you are very good and I think you do not need to edit even old textures
          of other authors.
          This also applies to your jobs that I will contend if others use your textures.

      2. DavyBerto

        Dear Zoso, as I’ve said thousands times I don’t stole other people work, if you give a look at my templates you will clearly see it’s all made by myself ?, if someone else did that skin before doesn’t matter if they don’t put copyright on the work everyone can remake it so why you keep telling me and others steal skins?

  3. ysy770724977

    You can check the date of his published skin! There is also XD here…..

  4. Alexandru Ionut

    Create skin combo ReedBoardall pls

  5. Which mods for tour piano-bar?

    1. Paint bar and side bar

  6. Coen van de Bovenkamp

    what’s the password i want to change tel. ………….. into Renswoude-Holland

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