Scania R (RJL) Blue Dashboard Gauges v 1.1

=========Scania R (RJL) Blue Dashboard Gauges by Nazgûl v1.1=========

This mod is a simply redesign to the dashboard of the r22 cabin of the Scania R by RJL, which makes its gauges have a blue background, as well as a V8 Logo in the background of the speedometer, and a Scania griffin logo in the background of the tachometer.

v1.1 – Changelog:

– Now the dashboard backlight, when engaged, lights up also the blue background and the two logos (Griffin & V8) addes to the tachometer and speedometer.

Credits to Miki2424 for the idea of the blue background (his mod adds it only to the default Scania R), and to RJL – this mod is for RJL’s Scania R.



4 thoughts on “Scania R (RJL) Blue Dashboard Gauges v 1.1

  1. big thanks for this very nice mod !!! 🙂

  2. can you make this mod for scs scania if possible?

    1. Jonny87 – I’ve now made this Mod for the default Scania R. Here it is:

  3. cheers mate

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