Scania R & S HTC Transport Skin Pack by Wexsper

Scania R & S HTC Transport Skin Pack by Wexsper

HTC Transport Skin Pack includes:
– Skins for Scania R & S
– Skin for Knapen K100 trailer
– Skin for Kraker Walkingfloor trailer
– Skin for Big Lightbox for Scania
– Painted wheels for truck and trailer

Required mods:
– Scania Next Generation PGRS by Eugene
– Kraker Walkingfloor Trailer by Kast
– Knapen K100 Trailer by Kast
– Big Lightbox for Scania R&S by DavyBerto
– Wheels Pack by Abasstreppas
– Wheels Pack by 50k

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Please do not edit my skins without my permission and keep the original links!

Enjoy & happy trucking!


DOWNLOAD 5 MB [mirror]

6 thoughts on “Scania R & S HTC Transport Skin Pack by Wexsper

  1. AvM Transport

    DavyBerto? 🤔

  2. They made him the owner of the lightbox but it’s not his, he just edited the files. def for Scania NG.
    I don’t remember the original author this was an old ligthbox.

    1. AvM Transport

      Yeah, but DavyBerto made the same skin for all this stuff too.

      1. Friends, I have wanted to make this skin for a very long time. And finally I did it. DavyBerto had the same skin, but I made this one entirely myself. If you are talking about this, of course …

  3. Yes, you are right, he has also edited skins previously created by other authors.
    I think it will always be like this because new people don’t do research
    if they have already been created, I have been following this game from the first ETS
    before there was more respect, and for these reasons many Modders have disappeared.

    1. For the study you are right! Personally, I went through this some time ago.

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