Scania RJL BDF Tandem Daniele Import Export


RJL tandem contains all trailers refrigerator Flemming V, two trailers Nordic I made standalone but I’m not sure (not very good as modders) textures are real, but the trucks are white does not have logo Daniele
Remember if you have other mod bdf F.VINGE should turn them off to avoid conflicts
I tested on ETS2 v it works perfectly with all the trailers and all packs Jazzycat

Scania R & Streamline Modifications by RJL – Tandem v 3.0
Flemming V Trailers v.61
– Capital – Tandem chassis
– RJL – Base truck
– Flemming V – Tandem base
– GT-Mike – P and G-cab base
– 50keda – Shadows
Nordic Trailer 25,25- v.1.0
– Capital – Trailer rework
– Matdom1988 – Trailer base
– Flemming V – Trailer parts
Nordic Trailer- v.2.1
– Capital – Trailer rework
– Flemming V – Trailer base

Zoso –Skin and Trailers nordic standalone(do not replace the trailers by Capital but are not sure let me know in the comments)

Author: Zoso


6 Responses to Scania RJL BDF Tandem Daniele Import Export

  1. Leonox says:

    ottimo lavoro Zoso (come sempre),continua così

  2. zoso says:

    Grazie amici ?
    Daniel77 e un po’ che non ti vedo come mai?
    ciao friends

  3. Cheaffeur says:

    Hallo ZOSO,
    at first big THX, great mod.
    i have a question. Where can i get the nameplates in Italy-Style? Absolutely great !

  4. nportegies skins says:

    Because you also loaded Truck?
    Why did not you use the original link Flemming? you know that this is not correct to do?

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