Scania RJL R Skin

Scania-RJL-R-Skin-1 Scania-RJL-R-Skin-2

Skin for Scania RJL R Highline High Spoiler, my first try at this so hope it’s ok

Author: deano


12 thoughts on “Scania RJL R Skin

  1. Hi looks great but i’am missing a SCS file so that i can put in the game.

  2. great missing a SCS file.

    1. ok sorry will fix

  3. apologies, please ignore last link, new link here, hope I got it right this time, cheerz deano

    1. Thanks It’s working 🙂

      Grt René

  4. To nice, thanks. If need it for another cab let me know and will sort it out cheerz.

    1. Hi can you make one for scania T RJL ?

      Greets René ( Rienkie)

    2. This same skin for scania T RJL i mean 🙂

      1. yeah np, which cab?

        1. suprice me 🙂

          1. have uploaded one, small change on the front, it seems to blur to much when I run a stripe down it… real pain in the azz..

  5. “file not found”


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