Scania RJL Turquoise Combo

Tested on 1.30.x
It works only with Topline cabin
You can upload on other sites only if you keep the original link and credits
Enjoy ?

Catalin, RJL, Axelrol


10 thoughts on “Scania RJL Turquoise Combo

  1. TheDriver333221

    Great skin man!

    1. Thanks, bud!

  2. truckerties

    please make a multicolour of this skin

    1. I can make only the truck paintable, maybe I will release that version of the skin in the near future

  3. truckerties

    please make a multicolour version of this thx greets from holland

  4. truckerties

    make a black version of this

  5. Rims ?

    1. They are from steamworkshop, search for Rollo Wheels or something like this

  6. Can you give me download of square lights? Thx and greats job ! 😀

    1. If you ever look here again, there you go:
      Sorry for late reply

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