Scania R&Streamline(Rjl) Scania White&Red Combo Pack + Accessory


Scania White&Red Skin for Scania&Streamline(Rjl) Truck and Chereau Trailer+Accessory

Scania Rjl MOD version for V1.5
Tested game version
1.23x Don’t Work

– Ai_Traffic
– Compatible DLC Scandinavia

– Lightbox
– Sunshield
– SUPERbadge&Mudflap
– Sideskirt
– Backbumper
– Wheel

-SCS Software
-Truck: Rjl
-Trailer: MDModding
-Lightbox: maxx2504
-Sunshield: Dastig
-SUPERbadge&Mudflap: 50keda
-Sideskirt: powerkasi
-Backbumper: chefprutser
-Wheel: abasstreppas
Skin by ZERO922


16 Responses to Scania R&Streamline(Rjl) Scania White&Red Combo Pack + Accessory

  1. Nevsim says:

    Nice skin and trailer ^^ but how do i get the swidish dream sticker, or is that private?

    • Mike says:

      it’s in the cabin accessories , the mod by JeyJey I would guess

  2. Piratxxx11 says:

    All people use mode tuning mod 😉 this only pack in one folder.. BTW-WHY DONT WORK IN 1.23-?? WHEELS? 😀 50Keda wheels pack Work in 1.23, ok? 😉 this pck MUST work IN 1.23 hawe MY pack in RJL 1.5.1- forn 1.23 see kids: OK 🙂

    • John says:

      Okay you really should stop calling everyone “kids” it really doesn’t make you look smarter.
      Your comments are nearly non-understandable, so learn how to write.

  3. chefprutser says:

    nice work!! keep it up!!

    • frisianwarrior says:

      Do you know why the panel behind the window is not white ??

  4. Bobby says:

    the trailers wont come up in the game, or im just doing something wrong??

  5. Chris says:

    work for 1.23 update

    • Piratxxx11 says:

      Im say..because “moderator” sleep, my coment not vissible 😛

  6. derBarni says:

    Beautiful combination! Great job!

  7. powerdbyv8 says:


    i don’t know if i need some extra mods but right now i’m missing some parts to recreate this truck.

    i don’t have the sideskirts, intercooler, and the small lights for the bottomgril.

  8. TEDDY Bär 1-4 says:

    Texture Problems on Bumper.

    and Full texture (*Extra and once again)

  9. gillian says:

    Hi I would like to make my Scania quite the same as in the pictures someone know how I can do it Thanks

  10. cyrille87 says:

    hi is possible contanility mod 1.26?
    thank you

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