Scania R&Streamline(Rjl) Scania White&Red Combo Pack + Accessory


Scania White&Red Skin for Scania&Streamline(Rjl) Truck and Chereau Trailer+Accessory

Scania Rjl MOD version for V1.5
Tested game version
1.23x Don’t Work

– Ai_Traffic
– Compatible DLC Scandinavia

– Lightbox
– Sunshield
– SUPERbadge&Mudflap
– Sideskirt
– Backbumper
– Wheel

-SCS Software
-Truck: Rjl
-Trailer: MDModding
-Lightbox: maxx2504
-Sunshield: Dastig
-SUPERbadge&Mudflap: 50keda
-Sideskirt: powerkasi
-Backbumper: chefprutser
-Wheel: abasstreppas
Skin by ZERO922


16 thoughts on “Scania R&Streamline(Rjl) Scania White&Red Combo Pack + Accessory

  1. Nice skin and trailer ^^ but how do i get the swidish dream sticker, or is that private?

    1. it’s in the cabin accessories , the mod by JeyJey I would guess

      1. It is, i found it out on a little search at scs forum

  2. Piratxxx11

    All people use mode tuning mod 😉 this only pack in one folder.. BTW-WHY DONT WORK IN 1.23-?? WHEELS? 😀 50Keda wheels pack Work in 1.23, ok? 😉 this pck MUST work IN 1.23 hawe MY pack in RJL 1.5.1- forn 1.23 see kids: OK 🙂

    1. Okay you really should stop calling everyone “kids” it really doesn’t make you look smarter.
      Your comments are nearly non-understandable, so learn how to write.

      1. He is a kid himself. He doesn’t want to feel lonely.

  3. chefprutser

    nice work!! keep it up!!

    1. frisianwarrior

      Do you know why the panel behind the window is not white ??

  4. the trailers wont come up in the game, or im just doing something wrong??

  5. work for 1.23 update

    1. Piratxxx11

      Im say..because “moderator” sleep, my coment not vissible 😛

  6. Beautiful combination! Great job!

  7. powerdbyv8


    i don’t know if i need some extra mods but right now i’m missing some parts to recreate this truck.

    i don’t have the sideskirts, intercooler, and the small lights for the bottomgril.

  8. TEDDY Bär 1-4

    Texture Problems on Bumper.

    and Full texture (*Extra and once again)

  9. Hi I would like to make my Scania quite the same as in the pictures someone know how I can do it Thanks

  10. cyrille87

    hi is possible contanility mod 1.26?
    thank you

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