Scania S730 Griffin Decal

——Running version: 1.32.XX
——This is my decal for the S730.
——Designed for 4X2 high roof only (not compatible with other chassis)
——Recommended MOD match:
1.Light box: 50k_addons
2.wheel: Abasstreppas Wheelpack v3.0
3.For the low deck:: Scania_nextgen_Sogard3
——Priority is higher than the above (all parts are selected for painting)
E_mail:[email protected]
You can share it freely! I hope everyone likes



2 Responses to Scania S730 Griffin Decal

  1. Michael says:

    Please what’s the colour code for New xf v1.0 I want to paint my car with the same colour
    I really love that colour

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