Schmidt Heilbronn Silo Trailer

Schmidt-Heilbronn-Silo-Trailer-1 Schmidt-Heilbronn-Silo-Trailer-2

Standalone Schmidt Heilbronn Silo Trailer

Authors: THW-Jugend NMS, Micha-BF3


3 thoughts on “Schmidt Heilbronn Silo Trailer

  1. Dragster94

    Remorque magnifique,super mod.Serait il possible de crée un mod wheels trailer .De manière que ces roues devienne les roues de toutes les remorques du jeu car elle sont existe pas de mod wheel chrome trailer.merci d avance.(french)

  2. Dragster94

    Splendid trailer, super MOD. Would be it possible of creates a MOD wheels trailer card. So that these wheels becomes the wheels of all the trailers of the game because it are does not exist MOD wheel chromium trailer.merci D advances. (french)

  3. I use 1.10.1 patch but the is not work in game. I find not. Help anybody 🙁

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