Seat Adjustment no Limits V2

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Unlimited seat position adjustment
-Applies to all vehicles.
-You can sit in any position

Test version: 1.31.x 1.32.x 1.33.x

Do not Reupload Please !!!



13 thoughts on “Seat Adjustment no Limits V2

  1. Philip_Jay_Fry

    Wow ,thank you nice 😉

    1. president10

      thanks bro 😉

  2. Mr HungarianTruck

    How that? F4?ír camera move

    1. president10

      Yes, you can check with F4 camera setting

  3. Mr HungarianTruck

    What do I set there?Don’t give up anything..

    1. president10

      Use the F4 button to enter the seat settings and adjust the display angle in the desired position.

      1. Mr HungarianTruck

        Not worked :/ Blocked..

  4. president10

    I hope I could tell.

  5. Hello !!!!
    Is it possible to add this function for the Sisu M by XBS ? Please
    Have a nice day

    1. president10

      I am working on other tools;)

      1. Hey !
        Cool to know ;-))

  6. hello
    very good mod

  7. За всю историю етс 2 не было для volvo vnl 670

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