Simon Loos Tandem (Scania) + Ekeri Skin’s Combo

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Made by krizzy090 still a bit of a W.i.P

uploaded to if it shows up on a other mod site it is stolen

V.1.32x and tested on 1.33

simon loos skin pack for the scania next gen tandem / rigid

recommended to use stock grill!!!

happy trucking

links :

-Scania RJL with/without Kast TANDEM Addon
-Scania 2016RS with/without Kast TANDEM Addon by Siperia/Solutech

information about these ADDONs available here

Ekeri trailers

VAK trailers

NTM trailers

Kraker Walkingfloor trailers



9 thoughts on “Simon Loos Tandem (Scania) + Ekeri Skin’s Combo

  1. First write useless things, learn pima you have to respect others.
    Using the textures edited by other authors is not correct.

  2. Krizzy090

    Idk what you are talking about i clearly state w.i.p and i made this skin my self i dont steal mods i edited all paths and tobj file’s and dds
    name’s from mikey’s ernst pack
    he said MOD IS NOT locked … editable and userfriendly

    Also this skin is on the workshop but not updated mine is for 1.32 & 1.33 so basically trailer ownership which the simon loos skin pack on the workshop dose not have i wanted to use the simon loos pack but was not updated so i made it my self

    1. I understood that you did it alone (I did not say you stole)
      Using the textures already edited by other authors is not correct for me
      of this skin in the forum there are many Scania 2016 BDF.
      Thought is not addressed to you, lately in the forum happen crazy things
      Today there was a mod scania BDF (then removed) with password winrar, first you had to download it and then that spece of cretin asked for 1000 views on you tube for the password, I can not stand these ####.
      What do you think about it?

      1. Krizzy090

        That is not right ppl like that screw them i hate ppl like those

  3. UselessBanana

    Hey man, grat skin!

    Are those front wheels on the truck private?

    1. krizzy090

      eehm yeah they are private currently

  4. krizzy090

    almost completed only a few job market trailer skins left then the skin pack is complete evrything else is simon loos including the file paths

  5. Don’t work 1.35 ?

    1. Jappiej1991

      No complete structure of the next gen scania tandem truck has changed ! would be nice to get an update of the skin mod

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