Simple House Mod – Amsterdam

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Simple house/flat in Amsterdam. There you can park your truck with or without trailer and sleep in the area. Localed next to Kaarfor Company.

– No DLC needed



5 thoughts on “Simple House Mod – Amsterdam

  1. Can you make a nice house with a big terrain near by groningen by that small road thats going down to osnabrück

    1. 3 in 1 Houses by anto007 v 0.4 | ETS 2 mods

      Something like this

  2. Drache191200

    I would love it if you could do an Big house near Travemünde with the possiblity to sleep there, if this is possible

  3. Please make a house in Groningen!

  4. SnowBerryZ

    Is not compatible with Promods 2.32 :((

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