Sound Kentworth W900L motor cummins long


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Sound real cummins only kenworth W900L “long Edition”



8 Responses to Sound Kentworth W900L motor cummins long

  1. Pooch.379 says:

    T800 in the pic.

    Too bad it wasn’t for it as well.

  2. James says:

    and on 1.16?

  3. darnellm09 says:

    Yeah, can you make this work in the Kentworth T800? The “Jake Brake” here sounds on da money!!! Please make one that will work in the T800 ok

    • EJTruckingINC says:

      That Jake break for the T800 would be nice…so is this cummins engine minus the gear shifts with something a little more realistic on the shifts. Put that together and I deff would download it for sure. With that said nice mod for the Kentworth W900L

  4. Martin_psj says:

    Working kenworth t800

  5. kingscania says:

    ho m f truck go to play ats

  6. Gibson says:

    sounds awful… only thing that sounds ok is the Jake

  7. Joaquín says:

    Nice jakebrake and horn.

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