Spring Graphics/Weather v4.0

This is a graphics and weather mod that simulates a spring environment and transforms older parts of the map with newer high resolution graphics.

Old roads, fields, grass, terrain, sidewalks, kerbs, hedges, railings, treewalls and other textures replaced with higher resolution versions
Low resolution tree models replaced by new ones across maps
Spring weather and environment
Spring vegetation
Improved vegetation colouring
More flowers
Spring daylight hours
Improved windscreen raindrops
Appropriate temperature readings
No harvesters

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.40

Works with Promods, TSM, RusMap, MHA and others.
Compatible with all map DLCs.

Changes in v4.0
Updated for 1.40 and Iberia dlc
Vegetation improvements

Recommended settings
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High

Spring is a weather and graphics mod so other weather, graphics and HDR mods should be disabled.
If you are using Next-Gen only use the base part of that mod.
Spring Weather should be given a HIGH priority in Mod Manager.




5 thoughts on “Spring Graphics/Weather v4.0

  1. Hello, Grimes,
    wonderful to ride in the Spring.
    Thank you very much for your work to update.
    Now we will wait for a sunny Summer. 😎☀👍

  2. Thanks Grimes !

  3. Hello Grimes, there was an error before in game with a ghost light in night, like moon or dunno, passing though the cab and giving a lightning on the dashboard.
    today I’ve checked it gone, but I’ve seen it again with your mod, please check this out, to me us enjoy your great mod, thank you by advance.

  4. Congratulation Grimes.
    I find an error in my game log : [model] Model geometry ‘/model/vegetation/poly_vegetation/bush_medium_2.pmg’ has incorrect file version 506d6714 – expected version 506d6715. Converting…

  5. John Smith

    How different is Iberia in Spring from Summer?

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