The Mega Combo Pack V5.0 (for ETS2 v1.24 & v1.25)


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The Mega Combo Pack V5.0 (for ETS2 v1.24 & v1.25)

Doesn’t work under v1.26, update is in progress!!

Hi guys,

After weeks of preparations and many hours of hard work by MCP team, we are proud to present our latest version of the Mega Combo Pack: Version 5.0

(Questions, idea’s, suggestions, errors: please contact by [email protected] (English or dutch) Preview pictures:

So what’s new about V5.0?

* New company plugins available:

– Bring Logisitics
– Duvenbeck (Man, Scania (RJL), Mercedes)
– P&O logistics (Man, Mercedes)
– Stragatrans. (By Yamato9) (Man, Scania (RJL), Mercedes)
– De Rijke
– A2B Online

* AI Trailer pack with ca. 170 new trailers, specially designed for MCP. Perfectly balanced, without interfering the company trailers at the warehouses. (By Ralph & Rudy)
* Available company plugins: A2B-Online, Bring, Ceva, Dachser, De Rijke, Duvenbeck, Ewals, DSV, DHL, DB Schenker, Post Kogeko, Kuehne- Nagel, P&O logistics & Stragatrans.
(Only one plugin file at the time.) (By Rudy)
* Default scs. Trailers are repainted.
* Improved mod structure. (large mod, short loading time).
* Some small extra’s, like new trailers for DSV, extra truck paints etc.
* Repainted lightbox for the Volvo FH16 for: A2B online, Bring Logistics, Dachser, DB Schenker, de Rijke, DHL, DSV, Ewals, Kuehne+Nagel, P&O, Post Kogeko & TNT.
*Tandem pack for Stratagans (By Yamato9)

The MCP V5.0 base files contains:
• Skins for all default trucks and for RJL Scania R & Streamline for ca. 26 companies;
• AI trailer pack (ca. 200 high quality trailers)
• Company trailers, sorted out by company:
• Company buildings:
– BCP -> GLS (Default scs. trailers);
– Euro Acres -> Daily Fresh ( Sorority off all kind of fresh transport);
– FCP -> Kuehne Nagel ( Mainly Kuehne + Nagel trailers (15p.);
– ITCC -> Raab Karcher (Default scs. trailers);
– NBFC -> Shell (Default scs. trailers);
– Posped -> Norbert Dentressangle (Mainly Norbert Dentr. Trailers (15p.);
– Quarry -> Caterpillar (Default scs. trailers);
– San Builders -> BAM international (Default scs. trailers);
– Scout -> Skoda (Default scs. trailers);
– Stokes -> DHL (Mainly DHL trailers (6p.)(Repainted comp. building );
– Tradeaux -> DB schenker ( Mainly DB Schenker trailers (15p.) (Repainted comp. building );
– Transinet -> DSV (Mainly DSV trailers (15p.) (Repainted comp. building );
– Trameri -> Rhenus (Various trailers);
– Tree-ET -> Ferguson (Ferguson trailers and default scs Log trailers);
– WGCC -> Total (Default scs. trailers);
– Kaarfor -> Aldi
– Sellplan -> Spar
Notice: Some company plugin files may change the company in another company as described as above.
The MCP V5.0 Plugin Company file contains:
– Repainted distribution centres for LKWlog & Eurogoodies in the appearance of the company of your choice;
– Ca. 20 new trailers of the company of your choice, always available at the company distribution centres.



Use Only one plugin file at the time.

In the mod manager, order the files in this position:

01 MCP V5.0 Part 1 (Company of your choice plugin)
02 MCP V5.0 Part 2
03 MCP V5.0 Part 3

For the Volvo FH16 activate the 01 MCP V5.0 company Lightbox Volvo FH16 (one at the time). Order the files in this position:

01 MCP V5.0 Part 1 (Company of your choice plugin)
01 MCP V5.0 company Lightbox Volvo FH16 (Company of your choice plugin)
02 MCP V5.0 Part 2
03 MCP V5.0 Part 3

For the Stratagan Tandem pack, activate: 01 MCP V5.0 Stragatrans Tandems

– When you are using this mod for the first time, it will take a few “game ours” before the company trailers will appear in the job marked.
The truck skins will be available just above the default colours in the paint shop.

Warning: Due to the extensive changes necessary to make this work, the game will consider this as “game changing”
and will cancel any current jobs and return you to your main garage. Please make sure you finish your current delivery BEFORE installing/removing this mod.

You can switch a company plugin file during your game. Please make sure you will finish your current job!! The game will give a mod changing warning, just accept
this message. Switching a plugin file during a game is on your on risk, please make sure you have a backup save game if something goes wrong!

Works with Promods, TSM and Jazzycat packs.

Credits and a big thank you to:

Ralph (AI Pack), Yamato9 (Bug fix red buildings and plugin pack Stragatrans)
ETS Studio team, MDmodding, Matdom1988 & Rommi TZ.
And all people who helped out testing the MCP V5.0


Greetz Rudy



13 thoughts on “The Mega Combo Pack V5.0 (for ETS2 v1.24 & v1.25)

  1. beautiful

  2. lovely, time to update the package in modfolder !

  3. spartacus33

    Thanks a lot to all Authors…

  4. DAREX2521

    TO ZERO ! teraz jest 1. 26 , to poco wywalasz na 1. 25 !

  5. still no waberers …

    1. Its one the projects Im still working on. Everytime scs updating the game, I have to remake loads of textures, otherwise the mod doesn t work properly. And the bigger the mod, the more parts to remake…This is delaying some off the extra’s. And dont for get, it is a hobby project. Grtz Rudy.

  6. looking forward for the 1.26 version

  7. One off the best reasons to make the Mega combo pack is to make people happy 🙂 so thank you all for the nice compliments!!

  8. willy1962

    if we take traffic_trailer out file 02 / 03 , is it than compatible with 1.26 ?

  9. Hey you doing a fantastic work mate!

    Nice too see you back 🙂

    Also great Scania packs you made 🙂

  10. Hey Roduy I hope it is ok to ask you if you maybe know some ways to get this…

    I think about to modify a Company and my target is to Set for example Company Africa only in defined Region, lets say Africa in combination with TSM Map.
    Then I would like to add or modify 2nd Company let’s say Company Africa Export located only Algier.

    Company Africa
    IN Company Africa & Company Africa Export
    OUT Company Africa & Company Africa Export

    Special I would like to give this Company Trailes like US use in ATS.

    Company Africa Export
    IN Company Africa & regular Companies
    OUT Company Africa & regular Companies

    Cheers Woha

  11. Anyone+know+how+to+obtain+the+part+1+plugin?

  12. This+mod+is+wirk+on+

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