Transmec Group Combo

——————— DAF XF 105 Transmec Group Combo ——————–

-Daf xf 105 skin from the European Logistic Company
“Transmec Group”.
-3 types of skins for Owned Trailers (standard trailers).

– Works on all versions of the Default Daf xf105, and the
Daf xf105 mod by vadik (v.6.3)
-Tested on version 1.33.xx of the game.

Note: I’ve used the -Signs on your truck- mod from Tobrago
on the screenshots.

Installation: Unzip/rar the “Transmec_Group_Combo” file,
and put the “Transmec Owned Trailer.SCS” and “Transmec_DAFXF105.SCS”
files into your mod location.
Activate the mods in your Mod Manager.

Special Thanks to JohnnyBoy59 for his great tutorial how to skin owned trailers.

Happy Trucking, and Merry Christmas!!

Arthur Vince NL

Arthur Vince NL, SCS, JohnnyBoy59


7 thoughts on “Transmec Group Combo

  1. Nice skins 😀

    1. Arthur Vince NL

      Thanks man..

  2. Thank the friend for the tutorial (help for skins)
    But you block your mod!
    I do not think it’s a good idea, to other friends who want to learn has to create their own skins.
    I specify that I do not need.
    Merry Christmas

    1. Arthur Vince NL

      Yes i protect my work agains thiefs who wanna use my files and skins for own profit. If you want to make a skin, make it from scratch like i did using the tutorial from JohnnyBoy59 how to do.. fair enough.

  3. I imagined the answer and the same has all the others blocking the mods.Il software to unlock you do not have it only you, on the forum there are 1000 links to download it and also on the SCS forum.
    I do not need the tutorial nor your mod.
    If someone wants to steal your textures, he surely will not call you.☎️.

  4. hello and a beautiful skin, only transmec not to the daf only to scania s series, treamline or volvo, stalis, you can have the skin on a new scania s.

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