Unlocking some non coloring paints

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Mod allows to change the color of the colorings not available for change for ETS 2

Updated! !!

▶ Who does not have any of these colors, then in the store, it will be displayed without a picture, a convincing request not to install this color on your tractor!

▶ Works in MP!
▶ Whatever coloring does not fly without fashion when tuning, do not change the cockpit and the chassis!
▶ Any color of the color can be made!
▶ Prices for painting $ 1!

At the moment, for coloring changes are available! !!
▶ Amber Glory Metallic
▶ Austrian Flag Metallic
▶ Bratislava Sights
▶ Corvus Ex Machina
▶ Danish Flag Metallic
▶ Finnish Flag Metallic
▶ Flamenco
▶ Golden Raven
▶ Grand Citrine Metallic
▶ Hungarian Metallic Pattern
▶ Italian Flag Metallic
▶ Istanbul Sunset
▶ Khokhloma Forever
▶ Klimt Inspirations
▶ Lucky Panda
▶ Maple Pride
▶ Michelin Tracks
▶ Norwegian Flag Metallic
▶ Polish Flag Metallic
▶ Russian Troika
▶ Santa’s Bag
▶ Spirit of Paris
▶ Sunrise In Prague
▶ Swedish Flag Metallic
▶ Swiss Flag Metallic
▶ Timeless Precision
▶ UK Flag Metallic

▶ Install everything alone!

Subscribe to my group in VK “https://vk.com/sky.mods” there I also post mods for ETS 2 and ATS multiplayer.

Black Sky


12 thoughts on “Unlocking some non coloring paints

  1. awesome! nice work!

    1. Hello! Could you possibly upload the file? Because the link is no longer active.

  2. Does not work on MP. It does not see this fashion

    1. !! ATTENTION !!
      ▶ Install everything alone!

      1. Unpacked one scs file to paste in fashion and there is nothing to install

      2. AlexandruM

        Romania is not in pack
        can u make Romania flag unlock??

  3. AlexandruM

    Romania is not in pack
    can u make Romania flag unlock??

    1. I apologize, but not all colors can be unlocked to color editing. So alas, but I can not do this (

  4. Improve your English!!

    1. AlexandruM


      STFU noob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I’ve said many times that I don’t know much English, because I’m Russian)

  5. Erael - TMP

    Hello, will you make in the future support for “Route 66” skin ? I woud love to see it in white !

    Thanks in advance ! 😀

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