Unofficial Hungary Map fix for Weather mods by Grimes

unofficial-hungary-map-1 unofficial-hungary-map-2

Version independent mod to use the works of the popular weather mod
specialist Grimes.
The content is not my work, just used the idea originated from the
author’s previous build.

Use this patch right BEFORE any weather mod made by Grimes and ONLY if
you playing with Hungary map by Frank007.



4 thoughts on “Unofficial Hungary Map fix for Weather mods by Grimes

  1. Bad news! Hungary Map by Frank007 dosen’t work with…

    1. It works.
      You must download from the!
      First download the Hungary map for 1.23 and then the HotFIX for the 1.26 patch.

      1. I made all this! Long time ago…

  2. Why that? Grimes has a Fix in all his Weathermods… 🙂 🙂

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