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19 Responses to VOLVO BDF

  1. Quarazhi says:

    Does this work?

  2. Quarazhi says:

    Does work.

  3. Michael says:

    Works fantastic, you can use scania bdf trailer

  4. Abababa says:

    What about trailer?

  5. Melon says:

    How are you getting this to work? it doesn’t display in my game

  6. fauna2 says:

    Works fantastic. Testet in and map 1.5

  7. Michael says:

    please make sideskirt for the volvo

  8. Michael says:

    works great


    • Benny BB says:

      why does my trailer end up way in to the back of my truck and not yours?

  9. jesper says:

    can you pic up loads whit it…?

  10. Markus Srihardi says:

    Is it Skinable?

  11. derconair says:

    1A Suppi, perfekt mit dem Trailer von Scania Funktioniert es. Saubere Arbeit.

  12. Dylan Elliot says:

    the truck works but when a loaded the freight market it froze (the trailer was installed) i reset the truck back to the standard axle and deleted the 2 mods truck and trailer the game now freezes without the mod help!!

  13. RubberDuck says:

    nice car, i installed that mod and +1 resp for author

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