Volvo C cab With Spoiler


This mod was tested in Patch 1.3.1, but can try to other patch.
Add spoiler to Volvo FH16 C Cab Scs Default truck.
The spoiler support Paintjobs came along with Volvo template, so you can add skin or use your skin on it.

Author: MSrihardi


26 Responses to Volvo C cab With Spoiler

  1. Ryan D says:

    seriously dude you rule!

    been looking for a volvo spoiler mod for ages!
    it would be awesome if you could re do the scania one so its compatible with skin jobs. πŸ™‚

    • Scaniadriver says:

      please do another downloadlink – have to registrate for download this great mod.
      thanks man greets

      • MSrihardi says:

        Just need to register for free, and you can download this mod

    • MSrihardi says:

      Next job will be Scania Normal and Highline with skinable spoiler

      • derBarni says:

        Great looking spoiler for the Volvo, looking forward to try it tonight!

        If you create it for the Scanias, could you PLEASE make it also available for the Scania V8 v.1.9 ( I guess not only I would really appreciate it! πŸ™‚

    • MSrihardi says:

      Next job will be Scania Normal and Highline with skinable spoiler too

      • Ryan D says:

        you are a legend!

        • MSrihardi says:

          Just an Ordinary man my friend πŸ™‚

          • Ryan D says:

            that just so happens to be a ets2 mod god πŸ˜›
            how do you do what you do?
            i wanted to try and make a spoiler for the c cab actros

          • MSrihardi says:

            Just learn how to use Blender2scs to make scs mods

          • Ryan D says:

            sorry to keep asking questions. but is it possible to convert gts to ets2 using the program

          • MSrihardi says:

            sure my friend..

  2. joring says:

    di bisa buat chassis 8×4 bro??

    • MSrihardi says:

      kayaknya bentrok pmg nya mas bro tapi layak dicoba sih, lagian yang pakai spoiler biasanya kan truck yang narik trailer Reffer atau Curtain side, kalo yang heavy haul biasanya pake day cab withuot slepper space

  3. MSrihardi says:

    Alternatif Download Link :

  4. Scaniadriver says:

    thanks man – good job.hope to see more from you.

    but a little question when you do the nextone with the scanias is it possible to release it as a tuning part?
    i use the scania from dallybor (the one with big bumper not the original scs one)i think other guys too

    and thanks for the second link

    greets scaniadriver

    • MSrihardi says:

      I don’t know if it possible tunning part compatible with paint job because they are in the different file directory, but I’ll try πŸ™‚

      • anon says:

        I believe that the only tuning parts that can be paintjob mapped are sideskirts, that’s sadly something hardcoded into the game.

        • MSrihardi says:

          I don’t know, maybe we can add spoiler as beacon part, and put the right material with 2nd uv map, maybe it can skinable too, I’ll try.. πŸ™‚

          • MSrihardi says:

            The only part that can be mapped is only the sideskirt, agree with anon

  5. Aiightis says:

    You can make any part, part of the paintjob.

    1. The correct way would be to map the part to the trucks texture. then when exported edit the .mat file so the material uses the original paint .tobj file in the truck model root directory.
    And make sure to use the \truckpaint\ shader as well. (eut2.truckpaint)

    So your .mat file might look something like this.

    material : \eut2.truckpaint\ {
    texture[0] : \/vehicle/truck/scania_rcab_2009/color.tobj\
    texture_name[0] : \texture_base\
    texture[1] : \/material/environment/vehicle_reflection.tobj\
    texture_name[1] : \texture_reflection\
    diffuse : { 1 , 1 , 1 }
    specular : { 0.5 , 0.5 , 0.5 }
    shininess : 20
    add_ambient : 0
    env_factor : { 0.0732389 , 0.0732389 , 0.0732389 }
    aux[5] : { 1 , 0 , 0 }
    aux[6] : { 0 , 1 , 0 }
    aux[7] : { 0 , 0 , 1 }
    aux[8] : { 1 , 1 , 1 }

    • Aiightis says:

      I haven’t tested the above method so I’m only assuming the file is the correct texture.

      you could map it to a plain white texture and use the truckpaint shader and it will be part of the paintjob, meaning it changes color when you change the paintjob. just wont be easily skinnable.

      Thats a simple way to do it.

    • MSrihardi says:

      Already did that still didn’t work πŸ™

  6. titi says:

    très bon mod

  7. T-Rieper-GER says:

    On first look the spoiler looks great.
    on second look it isnt perfect. The holders on backwall arent fit, and there are some colorfailures on sides and roofholder.
    If you make it as tuningpart and perfect fitting, i will download again.

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