Volvo FH12 mkII


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Standalone. Tested 1.20.x. No gamelog warnings / errors.
I think must work on 1.17.x or later but maybe you get errors.

Thank U to modders who worked in this model before:
Taina95, Inmen, Domas225, Pawel92, maPriv,
Mar3krugel, Justin, Sergey Sergeyev, Seraoki,
Pirs, Volk86, Stels, Vinzel, Axeet, Rimuus,
Skorp86, IvanK, Andriuxa56, The4Farming,
Zeus, Dron4ik194, Vasco, Tasos978,
ComandoreOne, Ogneevenko, ILyhaSedioshkin,
Ventyres, Maksim Ogneevenko, Denis Filimovov,
Rimuus, Kamz, Robertas14, Balkanboy, Antique…..

Enjoy this!!

Solaris36 (more on description).

DOWNLOAD 100 MB [mediafire]

39 Responses to Volvo FH12 mkII

  1. RiXeN says:

    Hey, Solaris, like your mods and works, but I want to know if you have a template for your iveco tandem mod you realeased before, thanks!

  2. Mert Özcan says:

    Very nice mod friend.. İ’ like it .. Nice tuning parts and perfect Engine Sound 🙂 Thank you

  3. Karina says:

    Cool track. Thanks.

  4. Vlad says:

    Awesome,thanks man!Great job!I hope a mod with MAN TGA like this.

  5. Kropeq PL says:

    Solaris, can U add more cabs and chassis ?

  6. syncmafiaa says:

    Solaris. Very Good mod!
    Everything works and Love the sounds. but could you please sort out the mirrors. the mirrors take over 30 FPS if you look in them.
    Thanks hope all your mods will be as good as this one.

  7. Espanol says:

    ola solaris tudo bem ?

  8. STEELMAGIC says:


  9. solaris36 says:

    Thank you all.
    I´m very happy with your comments and you like the truck.

  10. syncmafiaa says:

    I meant on the mirrors included in the mod.

  11. Darren says:

    incredibly nice work from what iv seen in the videos 🙂 I will definitely be downloading 🙂 can I make one request though, could you possibly fix the turbo boost gauge. iv tested so many of these FH12’s by other modders and not one has a working boost gauge :/ you would be even more of a legend if you can make it function 🙂 thank you for your hard work on this fantastic truck 🙂

  12. sljiva_fh says:

    please fix the color…

  13. Angelo says:

    Hola Solaris, muy bueno ese mod que hiciste. Muchas gracias!
    No digas que eres del Barça…. jjajaja

  14. Franky Mott says:

    This mod looks very nice and well done, but whenever i go to configure it after purchasing it the game crashes. does anyone know the reason why? i am currently running the game on version 1.20.x

  15. Blackhol says:

    Very nice mode. I already have traveled 25,000 kilometers and absolute satisfaction.It would not have any skin?

  16. IDM says:

    Very good!!!

  17. Ingo Schwartz says:

    LOVE the truck! But I need to know how to reskin it please! Can you make a template ? Would be awesome!

  18. PATRYKI8 says:

    Witaj mod jest super i działa nawet ma 1.22, ale czy mógłbyś dodać wsparcie dla dlc cabin accessories.

  19. PATRYKI8 says:

    Hello. The mod is compatible with version 1.22. I have a request alb voice engine, retarder and startup sound. Would do well to also add support for dlc cabin accessories.

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