ZF Wandler and Manual Transmissions by adi2003de Final edition

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Transmission are available:

the Transmissions are available for all SCS trucks ( Included the new Scania R&S) , Scania RS by RJL, MAN TGX Euro6 by Madster, Scania T by RJL

New adjust the physical options about the powertrain and brakes.
Also the new Auxiliary Brake System per Retardersystem. But I have changed the order of the brakes according to real model. First the engine brake, then the retarder at higher levels.

The mod should be at the top of the mod manager, because physical conditions and motors have to be overwritten in order to achieve the functionality.



14 thoughts on “ZF Wandler and Manual Transmissions by adi2003de Final edition

  1. adi2003de

    fix for the mod ( i´ve take a mistake at uploading the mod )


  2. John Smith

    Are all based on real ZF transmissions? And are all syncrhonized?

    1. adi2003de

      Yes they are ….

      1. John Smith


        1. adi2003de

          What does you mean with syncronized?

          If you drive the manual boxes you have to cluth of course … But a Wandler ( Converter Transmission ) syncronized ?

          i don´t really understand what you mean with that. Even if you mean that .. i don´t know how you got in ets2 u unsyncronized Transmission .. if i know that i build eaton Fuller Roadranger Transmissions also

        2. adi2003de

          for better understanding… the clutch work you can give yourself in the controlleroptions. Like drive hshifter or sequentiell … also in the difficult of shifting … with sounds or without them …

          the Transmissions themself are working the same way as the original by SCS … but other Ratios. and other Options of Gearing …

          U Can get every Transmission as selfshifting ( as hshifter and sequientiel shifting) , automated shifting ( Semi Automatic ) and Converter Transmission ( Full automatic ).

          So as simple as it is .. take the mod .. take it in your game .. drive to your Point where you can change the transmission … and test them … if you like it .. it is your mod .. if you don´t like ones of the 18 Transmission for each truck .. Please delete the mod 🙂

          btw. no not all Transmissions are from ZF! Scania have his own Transmissions. But i take original them Ratios for this mod … So Scania are have a different Ratios at the transmission 🙂

          But all of this are have one Point! Development and Futuresight!

          You have more power with the transmissions .. you have less fuel consumption about a perfect Gearing in the automaticdrive … equal to semiautomated or full automated Transmissions 🙂


          1. adi2003de

            Sorry that your comment would be deleted, too …

            i test the command line you sayed… this command line is to activate or deactivate the work of the clutch and the difficult of gearing …

            that is your Sync!

            But the transmissions himself i can´t sync… There is no option in the scriptings .. Because it is build as Command Line … and if you drive with a Clutch pedal .. than you don´t have to look that rpm are high enough .. you clutch the gear .. Otherwise you don´t use a clutch u should drive not with a Hshifter because with a sequentiell gearing … It is your choice how you drive the best!

            But you have enough transmission options in the mod …
            Manual Gearing , semiautomated gearing, and automated gearing on the converter Transmission … it is a full automatic transmission!

            And i only can say it again .. take the mod .. test it .. and then get it .. or leave it 🙂 It is the best.. if you not one of the other 10.000 user, they use the mod about the last 7 versions 🙂

  3. Sotka_GER

    Yeah adi2003! Happy New Year!

    Looks like we will get outstanding gearboxes back again? As I said as always: A perfect gearbox is very much better than 2000hp! 😉 Thanks a lot for modding!
    Regards and respect!

  4. John Smith

    “btw. no not all Transmissions are from ZF!”
    Why do you have ZF in the title then? Or does it only refer to the Wandler transmissions?
    “i test the command line you sayed”
    I assume you meant g_hshifter_syncrhonized 0.
    It is fun to try. More or less…
    There is no possibility to code it in the mods.
    I switch it on and off in the trucks with the transmission that have synch or not. So I want to be sure if or wich of the real ones of those in your mods have synch or not, so I can disable or enable accordingly.
    You don’t need to tell if you don’t know. I was just expecting for you to know it, as described some detail in the description.
    I don’t want options. I want what is according to the real ones.

    1. adi2003de

      ok i tell it the last time .. there is no option to set one transmission as sync and one as not …

      you as Player only have the Option to set in the config to sync or unsync your Shifter … No more .. no less ..

      Choose your Game as the best for your play!

  5. reported!!!!!!

    1. adi2003de

      why do you report ?

  6. Efe İçli

    thanks adi2003de

    1. adi2003de

      you´re welcome 🙂

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