All Template for ETS2 (Trucks, Trailer)

All template for ETS2 (Trucks, Trailers)
1.36 [UPDATE]



6 thoughts on “All Template for ETS2 (Trucks, Trailer)

  1. Identique à celui de avril 2019 sans Scania R_S et bien s^r sans Renault Range T.

    Same as April 2019 without Scania R_S and of course without Renault Range T.

  2. JoachimK

    Oui, c´est vrai. Je n´ai jamais télécharger de cette Personne. 🙁

  3. JoachimK

    If you need real all actual Templates, go to the Thread from CarManiac to SCS-Forum: http*s://

    This here is old Stuff and NOT actual !

    1. HeinzKätschab


    2. Herzlichen Dank!

    3. Octavian101

      thank you! 😀

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