Govern NexGen S&R Highline + Trailer + Vans skins

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This skin is for SCS’s Scania Next Gen S & R ****High Cabs ONLY***** and skin for DLC trailers skin and Vans

Some Heavy Haul Cargo Might Be Dark Purple And Green Notting I Can do about that right now sorry but all special Transport Trailers are the colour shown

If you have 50keda’s addon’s the light box skin will work
You will also need the heavy Cargo and/or Specal Transport DLC for trailer skin to work

****You will need this for the van Skin to work put under skin in mods list ****

*********** you need to put this skin at the top of you mods list for trailer and lightbox skin and Vans to work properly **********as there may be conflicted

You will also need
Side window and grill Painted Parts are by Mohegan

(optional) 8X4

I also have other Govern Skins Coming soon

Happy Truckin



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