LED Stroboscopic Beacons

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Tested on 1.30!

LED stroboscopic beacon (orange, white) with different flashing variants for all SCS trucks including some standalone modded trucks.

Compatible truck mods
– Scania by RJL (RS, R4, T, T4)
– Big Stars – Actros/Arocs SLT by WTD
– MAN TGX 2010 by XBS
– MAN TGA by MADster
– Volvo FH 2013 by ohaha

!!! Please don’t edit and reupload without my permission !!!

Enjoy ?

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11 thoughts on “LED Stroboscopic Beacons

  1. good work, can you make this for Audi A8 car as Police Bacon?

    1. I’m not planning to expand on cars in near future, for now it will be only for trucks, sorry 🙂

      1. why in v.30.2.2 not work ? I already turn the beacon into on mode the LED lamp doesn’t beep/work

    2. ola amigo el mods esta buenisimo Pero No Se Puede colocar Que alumbren blanco???

  2. Awesome mod! More flash patterns on the future would be great to see

  3. What s the password

  4. Flyable Heart


  5. trucker191002

    What is the password?

  6. The beacon dos not work for some reason, along with SCS standard led’s does not work either.

    Great LED Pack tho, got it on my Scania and it looks really good only a bummer the lights don’t work for me.

  7. trucker in ets2

    please make for 1.37 as fast as possible 😀 please
    i dont have password

  8. trucker in ets2

    make it work for 1.37

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