Low Deck Chassis Addon For New Generation Scania

There are so many people who love Low Deck Chassis so I decided to make personal mod for the New Generation Scania
Compatibility Latest Version: 1.31
If there is any problem/ recommendation please contact me in the Comments



13 thoughts on “Low Deck Chassis Addon For New Generation Scania

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    It’s not a mega.

    1. hansetrans

      du hast echt so wenig ahnung ist kein mega hahahahah was ein trottel

      1. LowDeckDriver

        Low deck = mega ?
        Google it & you will see ?

        1. hansetrans

          mega is a marketing slogan – krone “mega” liner …. in real words mega is a volumic transport but not mega 😉

      2. TheGreenlightTrucker

        But I’m the “trottel” 😀 #HAHA FAIL 😀

  2. This is lowered! Not low deck :/

    1. no one cares.

  3. DariusAlbaIulia

    salut ba esti din alba iula ca vad acaolo AB 12 COD si eu sunt din alba iulia

  4. Howdid you do to put the antenna??


    this is awful it doest even have working cables and its so lowerd that the tires touch the fenders while steering !!!

  6. ysy770724977

    Did you modify the LED driving lights? Very nice look

  7. Hmm, dimant = frederique410 = zukiko and some other Names from his Fake-Accounts here.
    Blame on him !

  8. Мститель

    Говномод и всё краснит

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