Ruttners Transport Scania 4 Series Combo

A Scania 4 series combo of the Swedish operator Rüttners Transport AB. Comes with…

RJL Scania 4 Series

SCS/IJ’s standard trailers

and Standalone (Scania) trailer mudflap

also recommended…

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abasstreppas Hella Lamp
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RJL Mighty Griffin DLC pack

My forum page!
(I take skin requests there.)

Lost Virtual


4 thoughts on “Ruttners Transport Scania 4 Series Combo

  1. Nice Skin, like the original ! Good work

  2. Leif Knudsen

    I tried , it drove and it’s f…… good ! well done

  3. Does the skin also come for the RJL ?


  4. Lost virtual

    Small update
    v1.0.1 front bumper and grill darkened, small adjustment on side decals

    Download here!

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