Trailer Pack by Omenman v 1.19.00 (Rus + Eng versions)

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Big package of the trailers with skins from Omenman.
In the package 106 company, 75 cargo and 355 skins on 7 trailers
(Fuel, Coolliner, Fridge, Profiliner, Container, Schmitz Universal and Rommi Schmitz).
This package merges 12 thematic mods and 2 trailers:

– Trailer Pack Cars ver.1.02.01 (50 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Clothing ver.1.02.01 (19 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Electronics ver.1.03.01 (50 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Foods ver.1.03.00 (48 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Fuel ver.1.02.01 (12 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Games ver.1.01.01 (5 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Geographic ver.1.02.01 (63 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Jewelry ver.1.01.00 (15 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Logistic ver.1.04.01 (32 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Mails ver.1.01.00 (14 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Malls ver.1.01.00 (15 trailers)
– Trailer Pack Stars ver.1.04.01 (30 trailers)
– Trailer “Omenman” ver.1.05.00
– Trailer “Istok” ver.1.05.00

Changes in version:
1. Added new cargo.
2. Added 15 trailers from new mod “Trailer Pack Jewelry ver.1.01.00”:
– 585 gold
– Aaron Basha
– Bulgari
– Cartier
– Chantecler
– Cluev
– Damiani
– David Morris
– De Beers
– Dolce and Gabbana
– Graff
– Korloff
– Mikimoto
– Tiffany & Co
– Wellendorff

In the archive 2 files:
1. Base: trailer_pack_by_omenman.scs
2. English version of cargo: cargo_pack_by_omenman_eng.scs

Modload order:

For the Russian version, connect only file the base.

All trailers are autonomous and included in the traffic.

No support for cables.

For version 1.31

Authors: SCS, Omenman

When placing the mod on other sites, save the author’s link!
Using skins for other mods is forbidden!


SCS, Omenman

DOWNLOAD 463 MB [Modsfile]
DOWNLOAD 463 MB [Modsbase]

6 thoughts on “Trailer Pack by Omenman v 1.19.00 (Rus + Eng versions)

  1. Again this trash Packs only for begging for Money. 🙁
    “No support for cables.”, it´s normal.
    Only Manifest has changed. The Rest is the same Trash as every time.

    1. How to understand the same thing? My mods is new skins for default trailers! Here are added 15 new skins

      1. dude you would have updated at least a model of trailers… 1.31 is out finaly !

  2. I love your trailers! I’ll follow you from the first versions and actually an update for the cable connection would be necessary. It would become a top mod. Thanks for all the work you do for both ETS2 and ATS.

    1. I’m afraid, as long as I make the cables, they’ll come up with nonsense! For some reason I’m one step lagging behind…

    2. But in general, many thanks! It’s nice that at least someone likes my work … I really work on each skin for a few days … It’s very insulting to hear reviews of the previous authors !!! This is my passion for retirement! I’ve had a longing for creativity all my life … when I was young, I wrote pictures, poems, songs, music … Rock band even had it. In the European Union of Writers I consist …

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