Trailer Pack Fuel v 2.03.0 for ETS2 (Rus + Eng versions)

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In the package 29 skins and 10 cargoes on 2 trailers Acid and Gas from ATS,
in 144 companies, located on the default map and all official DLC.

All trailers and skins included in the traffic.

For patch 1.33.

For the Russian version, you will need to connect the “Russificator of cargoes”,
located in the archive, setting it above the mod itself in the Mod Manager.

Author skins and build: Omenman
Trailer authors: SCS
Many thanks to vovangt4 for helping with registration and adaptation of trailers!


SCS, Omenman


3 thoughts on “Trailer Pack Fuel v 2.03.0 for ETS2 (Rus + Eng versions)

  1. thx for this mod, but Modsfile sucks!

  2. Add trailer cables to your mods, homie!

  3. Zotteltruck

    Deine Mod ist scheiße Homie kaputt texturfehler

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