Wolf Trucks, Trailers, Garage skins and Company emblems Pack

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Version 1.1

WOLF.inc is an imaginary company. You can accept this company at your own company.

This package allows you to use all of your trucks, garages, profiles, trailers in the colors you like and with the same logo.

Truck skins can be repainted. The truck doors have a special logo.
Your company emblem will also change in your profile.

This skin package is for those who want all corporate tools to have a specific color and a specific company name.

This new version adds Scania R 2012 8×4, Scania R 2016 8×4 and Scania S 2016 8×4 skins.

Also in your garages, you can use 8 different colors for your company boards. There are also 8 different color options for Kögel and Schmitz Bull trailers.

You should install Kögel and Schmitz trailers for trailer skins. The connections for the trailers are given below.

You need to install Big Garage mode to use garage skins.
The download link for Big Garage is given below.
Big Garage download link:

Skin packs should take precedence over trailers and garage packs.

Drop the wolf_truck_skins_and_profile_logos.scs file in the archive file into the mod folder and enable it.

There are 3 directories in the archive file.
Choose the colors you want from the trailers and garage skins in these directories and drop them in the mod folder and activate them.
You can dump all skins into the mod folder and activate whatever you need.

Re-paintable skin for all SCS trucks, including 8×4 trucks. There are firm emblems on the truck doors.
8 color garage company signboard skin
8 colors Kögel trailer skins
8 colors Schmitz Cargo Bull trailer skins
8 color profile emblems

Have fun

Tekteker Haydar


12 thoughts on “Wolf Trucks, Trailers, Garage skins and Company emblems Pack

  1. Andreas Luisini





    1. You do not have to pay. Sign up for our Facebook group and tell us what you want. I can make a package for you.


  2. It’s a fantastic mod
    Can you edit your skin for the trailer to 1.32 please . I hope to buy wolf.inc paintjob for my futur trailer

  3. Can+you+udapte+for+1.32+please

  4. 1.32 : the scania s skin only works for me with big mistakes. Is that only for me that way? a pity. otherwise great work

  5. unfortunately, at the scania s 2016, the paintjob does not work. can you please revise that? otherwise great job, thanks

  6. hello KImmer it’s me again ,i just want to know if this mod will be release for krone trailer ?

  7. Unfortunately, the skins do not work for the scania s. would you please revise that? otherwise great job. thanks

  8. Love your mod, been using it for some time now, found the workshop/garage mod, got the name buard that say YOUR COMPANY NAME, but i have no idia how to sett my name/game name ( WHITE WOLF TRUCKING LTD) on that buard, red letters, silver background. Can you help ?

  9. Colin Woodrow

    the old volvo skin was missing from my mod.

  10. Philipp Schreiber


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